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What kind of batteries does the Welcome IP power supply supports?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
14.06.2017 15:46

The Welcome IP power supply supports batteries (4 pieces) with the following characteristics:

Regulated Lead Acid Battery Illustration:

Rated capacity: 4AH

Rated voltage: 6V, measured voltage 6.48V

Overall dimensions: 70 x47 x 105 mm


Floating charge voltage: 6.8-6.9 V, maximum charging current 1A (25°C)

Cycle charge voltage:  7.2-7.4 V, maximum charging current 1A (25°C)


Discharging ceased: discharging time 20 hours, voltage <5.4V;

Discharging ceased: 2 hours < discharging time 20 hours, voltage <5.4V;

 Discharging ceased: Discharging time les than 2 hours, voltage <4.8V;

Otherwise, the battery will be damage.

Charging shall be inmideatel start after discharging off.

You also could use 24V with only 1 piece.

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