How do I integrate Philips HUE with free@home?

Lina Nord
09.02.2017 14:46

Prerequisite for the integration of the Philips HUE system into free@home is a commissioned and operable HUE system, a commissioned and operable free@home system and a router.

  1. First, both systems need to be located in the same network. The free@home firmware needs to be version 1.2 or higher.
  2. When logging into the system with “Installer” access rights, a pop-up window opens with the note that one or several HUE systems have been located in the network.
  3. By confirming the pop-up window the user gets to the point in "Preferences" at which the HUE Bridge can be managed.
  4. If several Philips HUE Bridges are to be available in the network, the bridge required can be identified by means of your MAC address. This can be read on the HUE Bridge or in the HUE app ("Settings -> My Bridge").
  5. After confirming the "Connect" button, the push-button on the Philips HUE Bridge must be pressed.
  6. For all additional steps the HUE lamps behave as already known from the free@home actuators.

 (If there is a HUE Bridge available in the network which is not to be managed via free@home, it can be set on 'Ignore'. This prevents the pop-up window for the located HUE Bridge to be displayed during each additional a login.)

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