How do I connect the free@home System Access Point to my home network?

Lina Nord
10.02.2017 14:48

It is recommended that the System Access Point (Sysap) is connected to the available network infrastructure to receive full functionality. This can be done either via the Ethernet port (LAN) or the WLAN antenna of the Sysap.

The default settings in the Sysap is LAN client with automatic IP-address. If these are the desired settings, connect the Sysap to the router via Ethernet cable and go to step 2. 

1. First change the settings in the Sysap. Go to "Preferences  –> Network" and choose between LAN client or WLAN client. If choosing the WLAN client, enter your SSID and password and decide if the Sysap should receive an automatic IP-address from the router or a static IP-address (within the given range of the router). If choosing the LAN client, you only need to decide if the Sysap should receive an automatic IP-address or choose a static. Save the settings and make sure that the network connection is enabled (either by the WLAN network or Ethernet cable).

2. The Sysap will now try to establish a connection to the network router. This is visualized by the middle button on the Sysap, which will start to blink while making a connection and then turn green when the connection is made. If this doesn’t happen automatically, please push the left button on the Sysap.

3. When the middle button lights up green, you should be able to find the Sysap on your computer under “Network” and on the app in your smart device. The system is now ready to be used both by smart devices and with the computer. For accessing the system with your smart device, enter the app and search for Sysaps in your proximity. The Sysap should then appear as a choice in the app. Connect and then enter the chosen password to login to your system. For accessing the system with your computer, either go to “Network” and double click on the icon corresponding to the Sysap or find the given IP-address in your router and enter the IP-address in the web browser. 

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