What should be considered when monitoring the wind sensor on the WES/A 3.1 in combination with a blind control?

BA Engineering Team
17.03.2023 10:06

There are two objects available in the weather station WZ/S for monitoring the wind sensor.

A monitoring time (in hours) can be set for both objects. If no change in the wind speed is detected in the parameterized monitoring period, both objects send a "1" once to the bus. It should be noted that object 16 "Wind sensor faulty" also affects the output value of the wind sensor and sets it to the maximum value of 50 m/s. This value serves as the basis for calculating the threshold values.

If the monitoring of the wind alarm is now activated in the shutter actuator, it can happen, for example, if there is no wind for a longer period of time, that the blinds move up safety-controlled and the actuator is blocked until the wind alarm is reset (manually or by changing the wind speed).

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