IPR/S 3.5.1: Can I use the i-bus tool and IPR/S 3.5.1 to read KNX devices via remote diagnostics?

BA Engineering Team
02.09.2019 14:36

As long as the Secure Tunneling setting is deactivated in the IP Router Secure, you can continue to connect to a KNX system and read devices in the usual way, e.g., with an IPR/S 3.1.1. If this setting is activated, it will not be possible to establish a connection via a secured tunnel in combination with the i-bus Tool.

Note: In the interest of security, it is naturally expedient to set the tunnels of the Router to “Secure” as well. This will prevent a potential attacker from simply establishing a tunnel connection to access the system. In this case, the IP Router Secure will ensure that attackers cannot send even properly encrypted packages on the IP network.

Tags: Interface, KNX Secure, Remote Control
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