IPR/S 3.5.1: What is the authentication code and what is its purpose?

BA Engineering Team
30.08.2019 14:49

Like the commissioning password, the “authentication code” is created by ETS specifically for the IPR/S 3.5.1. This code can be found on the Properties page of the selected IPR/S 3.5.1. The device can use the saved passwords to determine whether ETS is authorized to set up a secure connection. The Router then uses the “authentication code” to confirm to ETS that a secure connection has been set up. Any client (ETS) can use the “authentication code” to set up a secure connection to the Router. ETS can thereby be assured that the Router is the correct device and can prevent a “man-in-the-middle attack” (MITM).

Tags: Interface, KNX Secure, Remote Control
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