How do I configure, connect, and verify controller BACnet IP communications in CXproᴴᴰ?

BA Engineering Team
18.04.2023 15:24

1. Select BACnet from the Settings section of the Home ribbon.

2. In the BACnet Properties Window, enter a unique device instance number for your system.


3. Select the IP adapter connected to the BACnet network (this may be a VPN or WAN connection).


4. Set up BBMD by entering the IP for the BACnet router (if required) and click OK to accept the changes.

5. Right-click on your Site in the Site List and select Properties. Ensure it is configured for BACnet IP rather than Serial.


6. Expand the site and double-click on the desired controller.


7. Click Yes to create a strategy when prompted.


8. Click the Connect icon on the left-hand side of the ribbon.


9. Once connected, you will receive a notification, and the connect/disconnect switch will show an option to disconnect.

10. To verify the connection, select the Controller ribbon and click Version. If the BACnet Device ID matches the one configured in CXproᴴᴰ, you will see the firmware version, bootloader version, and the serial number of the connected controller.

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