QA/S x.x.1: What should users do if they forget their password?

BA Engineering Team
02.11.2020 10:41

If a user forgets their password, there are various ways of renewing it:

  • The user can request a new password by clicking on the “Forgot password?” button just above the login form, provided that they have previously entered a valid email address in the settings.
    Note: In addition to a valid user email address, a SMTP server must also be configured under “System” -> “SMTP configuration”. This will ensure that the QA/S is indeed able to send messages, notifications (e.g., reset password) or reports to the user/receiver.

  • Administrators can also reassign passwords to individual users directly in user administration. This also applies to users with admin rights.

  • For this to work, you must first enter your admin password. You must then enter the new user password twice.

  • If the administrator has forgotten their password and has not previously entered a valid email address, the only remaining option is a factory reset!
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