What do I have to consider when connecting the Welcome (M) IP Gateway directly to the Busch-ComfortTouch?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
17.08.2017 11:51

Normally the ABB-Welcome (M) IPGateway and the Busch-ComfortPanel should be connected to the Switch, but if needed, it is also possible to connect the IPGateway directly to the ComfortTouch:


Important is that both devices are in the same network. To assure this you can set static IP addresses in both: IPgateway and ComfortTouch. 


1. Setting the static IP address in the IPGateway

You need to acces the IPGateway User interface using a computer (check our FAQ explaining how to do this).

Once you access the IPGateway user interface go to Network Configuration to set the Static IP address

In this example the network is / Our static IP address / belongs to the network.


2. Setting the static IP address in the ComfortTouch

Using the IP-Project software acces the ComfortTouch settings: Panel / Door Entry / Basic settings.

Choose No DHCP and set the static IP Address within the same network of the IPGateway (in this example 


Now that the static IP addresses have been set, you can set the Parameters of the IPGateway in the ComfortTouch. 


3. Setting the parameters

Using the IP-Project software acces the ComfortTouch settings Parameters / Door Entry

“Type” should be Welcome

"IP address" must be the static IP Address assigned to the IPGateway (in this example

The "user" and "password" information must be the same in the IPGateway user interface and in the ComfortTouch IP-Project (use "add user"):

4. Now you can connect the IPgateway directly to ComfortTouch.

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