What can I do if I forget my password to the free@home app / user interface?

Lina Nord
10.02.2017 15:04

To handle this scenario in the easiest way, the user must make sure that the password to the ‘Installer user’ is available and saved on a secure location. If your password is lost, an ‘Installer user’ can in the user interface go to "Preferences –> Users" and reset any password. Also, always make sure that a backup is exported and saved on your computer or storage device after the first commissioning for easy handling

 If both the password for the "Configuration" user and "Installer" user is lost, a master reset is necessary to enter the system. All data will be lost.

 A master reset is carried out as follows:

  1. Lift off the cover of the System Access Point.
  2. Briefly press the small reset button (above the bus connection terminal).
  3. During the boot-up process, which starts now, simultaneously press all three front buttons until all three LEDs light up. This can take up to a minute. The System Access Point is then back to its factory settings.
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