Does free@home works with Alexa?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
21.02.2018 15:45

free@home and Alexa: Alexa can be integrated into an existing free@home system now. To use Alexa the firmware version 2.1.6 must be installed. To use Alexa please open the Alexa app and activate the “free@home” skill. The user will be forwarded automatically to myABB-Livingspace/myBusch-Jaeger. After entering username and password both systems are connected. With using the command “Alexa, find my devices” all available free@home devices and scenes will be selected and can be used by voice control now.

Please be aware that  Alexa works as a Cloud2Cloud connection. The functionality is only available when using myABB-LivingSpace. 

For more Information (Installation Instructions and Firmware) please check the following  Link

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