Which radio range has free@home wireless?

Ilija Zivadinovic
10.02.2017 15:31

Already during the planning the location of the free@home devices should be considered.

In the theoretical free field test a range of 100m is achieved.
In buildings is this practically not possible.

The local conditions will greatly affect the quality of reception and the range of the device, whereby the signal is more or less attenuated greatly.


Reinforced concrete ceilings absorbs for e.g.  more than wood ceilings and metal stud framing more than timber framework, etc.

A general statement of the range is therefore not possible.  As a general guideline the following rules should be respected:

1. Between two devices should not be more than a floor ceiling


2. Between two devices should not be more than one wall

3. The devices should not be installed directly next to large metal surfaces.




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