DBS/S 1.1.1.x: How many DALI Gateways can be connected to the “IoT Dashboard”?

BA Engineering Team
22.07.2020 14:07

The limitation depends on how many DALI Gateways in the KNX project are installed. So there is no total number.
With the IoT Dashboard App “DALI Manager” it is possible to connect directly to a DALI Gateway. 

This App can be download from MyBuilding portal. => How to use, see product manual.

This view shows the IoT Dashboard incl. the IoT Dashboard App “DALI Manager”

After the physical address has been entered, it is possible the get access to the DALI Gateway.

The DALI Gateway must support the IoT Dashboard App “DALI Manager”.
To connect to different kind of DALI Gateways, it must be entered for each device the individual physical address.

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