DBS/S 1.1.1.x: I have booked the "Building Care Service" service on myBuildings portal / myBusch-Jaeger, but I cannot access the device with the corresponding "Call" button on myBuidlings portal / myBusch-Jaeger. Why does the site show me an error 401?

BA Engineering Team
17.07.2020 10:07

Because of security reasons, the cloud and remote access are deactivated by default in the delivery state.

  • Please open the CCT and activate the checkboxes "Activate Cloud Portal" and "Activate remote access" in the "Settings" menu at the top of the menu bar, reload the project onto the box and check the correct function.
  • Please also check whether your IoT Dashboard Server is listed in the section / myhome / iot-dashboard / clients. If this is not the case, please switch to the local web interface of the IoT Dashboard Server and open "Settings -> IoT Dashboard Server Settings -> Cloud Registration" and check whether the Dashboard Server is shown as successfully connected to the cloud. If this is not the case, please (again) connect the box to the cloud by entering your account data.
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