What are the type of cameras that are suitable to be interface with ComfortTouch?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
07.12.2016 11:26

Attached camera list ComfortTouch KNX (Stand 01.12.2015)

Manufacturer Model OS SW Version ONVIF POE
ABUS IP Dome TVIP31001 HD 720p M2.1.6.04_0910_stream_19 Yes Yes
ABUS TVIP71501 IR HD DN M2.1.6.04_0910_stream_19 Yes Yes
Axis M2014-E Yes Yes
Axis M3024-LVE Yes Yes
Axis P1428-E Yes Yes
Axis Q1615-E Yes Yes
Bosch NDN-40012-V3 25500593 Yes Yes
Bosch NTI-50022-V3 25500593 Yes Yes
D-Link DCS-2330L 1.02.03 Yes No
D-Link DCS-2332L 1.04.00 Yes No
Mobotix S15D MX-V4.3.2.53 No Yes
Mobotix M15D-Sec-DNight-D38N38 MX-V4.3.2.53 No Yes
Mobotix Q25M-Sec-D12 MX-V4.3.2.45 No Yes
Mobotix D25M-Sec-D38-F1.8 MX-V4.3.0.15 No Yes
Mobotix D15Di-Sec-DNight-D38N38-FIX MX-V4.3.2.53 No Yes
Panasonic WV-SF132E V.2.11 Yes Yes
Panasonic WV-SW559 V.1.60 Yes Yes
Samsung SND-7084P 3.00_140915 Yes Yes
Samsung SNO-7084RP 3.00_140915 Yes Yes
Samsung SNO-5080R 3.24_140701 Yes Yes


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