What is the difference between centralized and decentralized installation?

Lina Nord
05.01.2018 15:13

The free@home system offers both DIN rail-mounting actuators for centralized installation in the switch cabinet as well as sensor/actuator devices for decentralized flush-mounted installation. Both types of installation can be mixed within the system as desired.

Advantages of the centralized installation:

  • Reduced cost for each channel due to actuators with multiple channels.
  • All actuators centrally placed in the switch cabinet for easy access and alteration. 
  • Easy installation since most sensors only need to be connected with the bus cable.

Advantages of the decentralized installation:

  • Sensor and actuator are located in a single device to save space in the switch cabinet
  • Easy commissioning since the basic function of the unit is pre-configured 
  • Usual manner of wiring of the mains power cable.

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