Is it possible to directly set the KNX Group Addresses in the automation program without ETS?

Johanna Feindler
13.12.2018 11:31

The KNX Group Addresses have to be linked to the KNX Group Objects of the BAC/S1.5.1 in the ETS.

It is not possible to directly use the KNX Group Address in the Automation Program (Logic). This wouldn’t be reasonable. Due to the KNX Group Addresses management only in ETS you have many advantages:

  • All KNX Group Addresses are at one place. No mismatch between different tools
  • The filter tables of the KNX IP-Routers and KNX Couplers are automatically calculated
  • You can change a KNX Group Address without changing the automation program or even starting the ABB Automation Builder Software
  • The ABB Automation Builder part and the ETS part can be done by different persons
  • The BAC/S1.5.1 is a certificated KNX devices. The KNX Standard requires that the KNX Group Addresses are only managed in ETS
  • The BAC/S1.5.1 is prepared for KNX Secure where the ETS is doing the security key management
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