How do I get the latest firmware to the free@home System Access Point?

Lina Nord
04.01.2018 13:40

There are two ways to install the latest firmware to your System Access Point.

  1. In the user interface, go to "Preferences –> Update". Make sure that the box "Automatic download of firmware updates" is ticked. When there is a new firmware available and the System Access Point is connected to the home network, it will automatically recognize the new firmware. In the app you will get a push-message asking if you want to install the new firmware or not.
  2. For manual firmware updates, go to the ABB Webpage or to the Busch-jaeger webpage and download the newest free@home firmware. In the user interface – go to "Preferences –> Update" and click "Transmit firmware to device". Choose the file you just downloaded from the website. 
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