What is i-jia?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
20.02.2017 11:00

i-jia is a new wireless smart home system developed by ABB.

“i-jia” is a smart home system that features wireless network and infrared technologies, without the need of separate wiring. The system can control various functions – lighting, temperature and household electrical appliances in the home at any time, even remotely, through the relevant application in their smart phone. Moreover, the intuitive interface, designed for the best user experience, makes it practical to use – even children can operate it with ease. In addition, users can add and delete the types and quantity of electrical appliances on the control panel at their discretion, delivering a customized experience. The product has simple “plug-and-play” installation that replaces the existing traditional sockets and switches with smart ones to deliver a smart, connected home without additional renovations.

i-jia is currently available only for the Chinese market.


Link to the video (Chinese): http://new.abb.com/YouKuVideoPlayer.aspx?v=XMTU4MjAyNTEwMA==&c=075c025a814daacf


Example of the i-jia system overview:


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