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06.03.2020 21:41
Visualisation, Display and Signalling:
I have Control Touch, I can control Philips Hue lamps on ios. How can I turn on my lights from the knx switch?
13.03.2020 11:54
Iman KHabbazi
Commissioning and Configuration:
Hello, I have this setup, an 83300 Controller and 83320/2-5 video distributor. Two 6136/07 7" Touch Panels and a IP Gateway 83342. everything is working fine and I have sound and Video in all stations. but from one 6136/07 I can unlock the front door but from another i cannot open the door. I don't know why or how this can happen? can anybody help me
02.04.2020 11:04
Jack van Driel
IP-Router and Interfaces:
I am redeploying a IPS/S 2.1 and want to reset it to the factory defaults. How can I do this? (I tried the procedure from the IPS/S 3.1, but that does not seem to work on the 2.1) Thx!