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25.01.2019 09:49
Dimitrios Gerothanasis
Energy Management:
Dear Sir or Madam, We have one QA/S3.64.1 and 30 energy meters B23. We are trying to add 5 more energy meters B23 from the menu Managment - Meter managment - Scan configuration but when the scanning ends the Bulding Node for the new energy meters has the message "Not assigned". Because of this, the new meters are not showing up in the menu Metering Structure. Please provide us a solution as fast as possible. Best Regards Gerothanasis Dimitrios
11.02.2019 15:24
Aki V
What kind of configurations/settings I are needed to be able to remotely (via internet and outside SysAP range) control my free@home without my.ABB-Livingspace access?
08.03.2019 16:14
IP-Router and Interfaces:
Which protocols/ports need to be routed over a site-to-site VPN to control a comforttouch screen on site A using a comforttouch app on a mobile device on site B?
18.04.2019 01:23
Darryl Hill
Is it possible to bundle all channels together on the UD/S4.210.2.1, I can see in the manual a diagram for A&B, C&D but not for A&B&C. The product sheet it does say “Outputs can be connected in parallel in any configuration”.
29.04.2019 02:03
Hello, Do we have any comparison between free@home and Zigbee/Z-Wave solutions? Thanks in advance.
21.06.2019 04:35
Ahmed Nasser
Visualisation, Display and Signalling:
the cameras working fine inside my local network. but when I use it remotely it shows for a couple of seconds and just stops streaming any video. NOTE: port forwarding and DDNS setup are already done. resolution for camera and Busch is the same (640*480). Stream Type: sub-stream ch2 Frame Rate:30 Video Encoding: MJPEG 1- internal(to check the camera status inside my local network through WIFI) Device IP http://adminname:password@deviceIP:camera port number/Streaming/channels/102/httppreview or NAS http://adminname:password@IPV4:NAS port number/webman/3rdparty/SurveillanceStation 2- external(to check the camera status remotely-no WIFI access) using IPV4 http://adminname:password@IPV4:camera port number/Streaming/channels/102/httppreview or using DDNS server http://adminname:password@DDNS port number/Streaming/channels/102/httppreview the current situation: all the above links working perfectly even from my local network or from outside home(remotely). so I think there is no problem with the links or cam and NAS setup.
26.06.2019 11:01
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:
How to configure the AC / S1.1.1 controller to supply heating circuits and a storage tank (two function). I would like to provide heat for heating in "heat on demand mode" with room involvment. At the same time, one of the circuits would not be used to heat the rooms, but would load the hot water storage tank in residence?
26.06.2019 18:11
Manuel Dias
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:
how to control AC split with free@home?
23.07.2019 14:04
Søren Farre
Commissioning and Configuration:
How to reset system acces point if you don't remember installation PW to AP.
21.08.2019 11:13
Ahmed Saad
Can we control the ِِABB Free @ home system using Google home voice control? How?
19.11.2019 18:05
Marcello Camera
Shading Control:
If i make a scene, i can totally open or totaly close the blinds. How can i select a percent to open it?
06.01.2020 11:48
Steven Booth
Blind Actuators SMI:
I have a blind that will not operate that the BB F@H app says is "blocked by a security event". I can not find this anywhere - please help.