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06.03.2020 21:41
Visualisation, Display and Signalling:
I have Control Touch, I can control Philips Hue lamps on ios. How can I turn on my lights from the knx switch?
13.03.2020 11:54
Iman KHabbazi
Commissioning and Configuration:
Hello, I have this setup, an 83300 Controller and 83320/2-5 video distributor. Two 6136/07 7" Touch Panels and a IP Gateway 83342. everything is working fine and I have sound and Video in all stations. but from one 6136/07 I can unlock the front door but from another i cannot open the door. I don't know why or how this can happen? can anybody help me
02.04.2020 11:04
Jack van Driel
IP-Router and Interfaces:
I am redeploying a IPS/S 2.1 and want to reset it to the factory defaults. How can I do this? (I tried the procedure from the IPS/S 3.1, but that does not seem to work on the 2.1) Thx!
28.04.2020 15:04
Benny Clerix
I'm using the ABB SAH/S24.16.7.1. When sending an 'Off' signal through a groupadress that includes several switches. The switches that where in 'On' state are going out butt the next time you need to send 2x toggle to put them on.
29.04.2020 08:32
Automation, Logic and Time Control:
ABA/S 1.2.1 - What can be the reason for a flashing ON-LED all the time?. It is possible to send the program to the ABA/S 1.2.1 but unit won't work. Factory reset does not help.
13.05.2020 05:46
i-bus KNX:
Is it possible to use I-bus Switch actuators to switch 220VDC lighting loads? Or what's the Max DC Voltage and Current for DC? We have a project that the power supply only provide 220V DC.
29.05.2020 09:41
Energy Management:
can we connect QA/S4.64.1 remotely or through ABB cloud? or do we need to simply forward the HTTP(80) and HTTPS(8080) port in the customer's router.
21.08.2020 11:00
Darius Petkus
Energy Management:
It's possible to add Instantaneous Value in Reports? Type: QA/S3.64.1 Version: 2.7.3
24.09.2020 17:22
Sreejith NS Sivan
Commissioning and Configuration:
When i trying to pair The control Touch app to network it showing ("Verification Code" Found on web interface of device) why ? how can solve this.