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29.04.2018 16:11
Stefano Oppido
System, Infrastructure and Interfacing:
Hello dear, as I could check free@home Alexa skill is only available at, not in… can you please check and let me know if it will be updated? Thanks!
12.05.2018 10:01
Off delay and on delay I need to add a off delay to a ventilator in our bathroom but I cannot find any off delay function in the configuration mode?
12.05.2018 10:24
Visualisation, Display and Signalling:
I’m searching for function / visualization for the touchscreen 4,3 and 7”. I would like the status of the binary input to be visualized on our to show the position of our garage door any idea how to add this function in abb free@home? Thanks
19.06.2018 01:40
Ian Harding
i-bus KNX:
Where do I find the KNXPROD files for the Tacteo range?