How are the KNX parameters set with the GM/A (e.g. the characteristics of the KNX Zones or setting via KNX)?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
06.10.2016 10:52

All KNX parameters are set using the Web interface in the KNX Security Panel programing menu. The KNX configuration is then exported to a file. In the ETS, the KNX Security Panel is inserted as a device as usual. The produced configuration file is read in using an import function, and the corresponding group objects are enabled. After assignment of the group addresses, the application is loaded into the KNX Security Panel.   If the KNX configuration in the KNX Security Panel is changed, the configuration must be re-exported and then re-imported into the ETS. All existing group address assignments remain intact. Only changes are aligned.  The ETS application offers only the possibility to set the two parameters “Sending and switching delay after bus voltage recovery” and “In operation”.

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