Blind motors always travel for the complete travel time during positioning movements

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
05.10.2016 13:43

In the default setting, the total travel time is entered for the travel strategy “Disconnect output from power after”. This strategy is very helpful during commissioning, because the Blind Actuator never knows exactly where the blind is, due to the circuit being switched off. Therefore, the Blind Actuator always recalculates its travel time and also covers the complete travel range using the object “Move blinds/shutter up-down” each time it moves.
That means that with this setting, the relays are triggered every time and connect the motor to voltage for the entire travel time set.
Positioning movements below 100% and safety functions are not affected by this.
After the commissioning phase, the setting of a different travel strategy is suggested, e.g. reaching the final position + 10 %.

Tags: KNX, KNX, Shutter Control, TP
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