How do you test the 1 - 10 V control line with Switch/Dim Actuators?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
10.10.2016 10:59

All 1 - 10 V connections must be, related to polarity, switched in parallel. The connected Switch/Dim Actuator represents only a potentiometer. Because this involves an active voltage, which means the electronic ballast delivers 1 – 10 V, you can test the wiring or installation relatively easily:
Shorted 1 – 10 V cable = minimal brightness.
Open cable disconnected from the Switch/Dim Actuator = maximal brightness.
If the brightness of the lights is minimal even with disconnected 1 – 10 V cable, a polarity fault exists within the 1 – 10 V cable network.

Tags: KNX, Light Control, TP
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