What to do if the manual operation button on my DG/S is x.64.1.1 does not work?

BA Engineering Team
17.04.2019 08:10

Depending on the device type, the DALI gateway has one or two buttons  to manually switch the DALI outputs. If these buttons are without any function the manual operation may be locked. This function can be set via the communication object No. 2 "Disable manual operation/Status".

How to do it:

1. Enable parameter for manual operation

2. Create group address and link with the communication object

3. Download the application
4. Send a "0" on the communication object

Then the manual operation is released again and can be put back into manual operation with the touch of the button for more than 2 and less than 5 seconds.

Tags: DALI, Gateway, KNX
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