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25.01.2019 09:49
Dimitrios Gerothanasis
Energy Management:
Dear Sir or Madam, We have one QA/S3.64.1 and 30 energy meters B23. We are trying to add 5 more energy meters B23 from the menu Managment - Meter managment - Scan configuration but when the scanning ends the Bulding Node for the new energy meters has the message "Not assigned". Because of this, the new meters are not showing up in the menu Metering Structure. Please provide us a solution as fast as possible. Best Regards Gerothanasis Dimitrios
11.02.2019 15:24
Aki V
What kind of configurations/settings I are needed to be able to remotely (via internet and outside SysAP range) control my free@home without my.ABB-Livingspace access?
08.03.2019 16:14
IP-Router and Interfaces:
Which protocols/ports need to be routed over a site-to-site VPN to control a comforttouch screen on site A using a comforttouch app on a mobile device on site B?
18.04.2019 01:23
Darryl Hill
Is it possible to bundle all channels together on the UD/S4.210.2.1, I can see in the manual a diagram for A&B, C&D but not for A&B&C. The product sheet it does say “Outputs can be connected in parallel in any configuration”.
29.04.2019 02:03
Hello, Do we have any comparison between free@home and Zigbee/Z-Wave solutions? Thanks in advance.