Both LEDs of a blind channel flash, but the drive does not move

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
05.10.2016 12:37

If both LEDs of a Blind Actuator channel are lit on the user interface, this signals a triggered safety command:

- cyclical monitoring, if activated: Blind Actuator receives no cyclical signal from the wind sensor
- safety command set active: wind/block/forced operation

In the parameterization itself, it is very important that with an activated wind alarm in the channel itself, the current wind alarms applicable to the complete device itself must be taken into account.
This means that if a cyclical monitoring time greater than 0 is set for the general weather alarms, but the wind alarm number is deactivated, this will still affect the individually linked channels in the actuator.

Suggestion for commissioning:
Set the monitoring time to 0 during the commissioning phase, or generate a cyclical signal using a KNX sensor.
With the aid of the ABB i-bus Tool, the state of the complete Blind Actuator, as well as the individual channel, is visually displayed for diagnostic purposes. The functions can be individually tested.
Further information about the ABB i-bus Tool:

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