What is coerciveness?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
12.10.2016 10:27

The coerciveness is a measure included in the VdS Guideline and used only in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which prevents a security system to be set, in case all its functions aren´t properly operative or in case the system is already set, to prevent an external alarm to be inadvertently triggered by the user.
Setting the security panel
To achieve the coerciveness while setting the security panel, the close and lock state of doors, gates and, if necessary, windows must be monitored. A non-close and non-lock group leads to prevent the setting of the system.
Unintentional access to a set area:
There are different ways to prevent the users from unintentionally accessing set areas:
1. Installed Door Fitting BELT or Door Cylinder CEL, which fundamentally do not allow access in the set condition.
2. If the SafeKey Wall Readers WEL and WELT or a Contact Lock SKS is used, access to a set area must be prevented with a Bolt Lock ESPE.
The coerciveness should be given great importance, as this can avoid misuse and false alarms.

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