When using several Busch-Presence detectors "Corridor", do I have to install the detectors offset from one another?

Carolina Bachenheimer-Schaefer
14.03.2017 14:40

No, the detectors don´t need to be installed offset from one another. Generally speaking it often has advantages to install PIR sensors a little offset from one another, because then the proportion of transverse movements in the detection area is higher. In case of the Busch-Presence detector Corridor KNX, however, we have a rectangular detection area and therefore a clear border to the sides (3m width). If the detector was installed close to the wall, the lateral detection area would be limited to 1.5m then. If the corridor is not wider anyway, this is ok and could maybe even improve the detection performance. However, if the corridor is wider than 1.5 m there may be gaps in the abovementioned areas in this case. For this reason generally speaking the detectors should be installed centered rather than offset from one another.

Tags: KNX, Motion Detection
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