How long does it take to do a firmware update in free@home?

Lina Nord
04.01.2018 14:10

In general when doing a firmware update, the system needs some time to complete the update on all device. Please be patient while updating and wait until the whole update is finnished before making any changes in the system. It is also recommended to have a data backup exported and saved on a computer or storage device before doing the update.   

The update of the System Access Point takes approximately 10 minutes and every other device takes approximately 5 minutes where two devices can be updated at the same time. If you have a system with 64 devices, the update can therefore take as long as 3 hours. During this time, it is only the two devices that are currently updating that will not work for 5 minutes. The rest will function as usual. It is very important to wait until the update is complete and not make any changes in the system since it can otherwise affect the programming of the devices. 

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