How to register a free@home wireless component to the System-Access-Point?

Ilija Zivadinovic
05.01.2018 16:20

free@home wireless devices must be paired with the System-Access-Point before they can be used in a project.

Already paired devices can not be connected to another System-Access-Point.  They must be reset to factory settings before.


Perform the following steps to connect the devices to the system:

  1. Install the f@h wireless devices
  2. Open the commisioning web page of System-Access-Point
  3. Switch on the mains voltage of the f@h wireless devices.
    The devices are now for 30min in learning mode
  4. Select in the user interface of the System-Access-Point "System Settings -> free@home wireless   - Search> Device"

    The System-Access-Point scans now  sequentially all free@home wireless channels.  Devices that are in the learning mode will be automatically integrated into the system.  10min after the last device has been found the scanning process is completed.

  5. Integrated devices are listed in the user interface in the "Device List".  Check be using the serial number if all installed devices were found.

  6. If a device was not found, it was maybe not in learning mode.  The reason for this could be

    a. The learning mode time has expired
    b. The device is already paired with another system
         (reset the device and start the scan procedure again)


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